Feed the Birds

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After Christmas this year, I asked my husband if he would put our tree in the backyard instead of on the curb for tree pick-up service. I was inspired by my friend Deb’s feed-the-birds garland @vintagesparrowstudio. So I decided to decorate our ex-Christmas tree with a similar garland.

Bird feeder garlands are really easy to make. I gathered up leftover Christmas popcorn and cranberries, along with fresh blueberries and clementines. From my pantry, I found peanuts in the shell, fruit snacks, and cheerios.

Just use whatever you have on hand.

I strung a three-foot length of baker’s twine with a darning needle and proceeded to string the ingredients in random order until the twine was full. I made a few more lengths of garland and decorated our Christmas tree again–this time for our fine-feathered friends.

Easy, fun, and Simple Kindness!

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